Custom 20 Order Theravolt v3

Custom 20 Order Theravolt v3

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The TheraVolt v3 not only has power, but it also unparalleled performance while being the quietest massage gun on the market. Whether you are warming down from a workout or preparing for a workout - the Theravolt v3 has got you covered. This product excels in pre-workout preparation, post-workout soreness, physical fatigue, tight knots, and general muscle ache.

- LCD screen to adjust speed

- 6 speeds (1200rpm to 3200rpm)

- 12V 1500mah lithium-ion battery

- 57 decibel sound intensity

Each order comes with a carrying-case, 1 battery and 5 adjustable head pieces.


Due to COVID-19, please allow for 1-3 days for orders to be processed. There will be FREE standard shipping available. Thank you for understanding.