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The newest model for massage-gun therapy - effective for relieving muscle aches, muscle strains, physical fatigue, or tight knots! This tool is extremely light-weight and incredibly quiet compared to the typical massage guns currently on the market


Comes with 5 customizable heads to give you the best pressure point treatment possible. Whether you want an overall massage or to hyper-target a single knot - the TheraVolt v3 has you covered!

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TheraVolt v3
TheraVolt v3

TheraVolt v3


The TheraVolt v3 not only has power, but it also unparalleled performance while being the quietest massage gun on the market. Whether you are warming down from a workout or preparing for a workout - the Theravolt v3 has got you covered. This product excels in pre-workout preparation, post-workout soreness, physical fatigue, tight knots, and general muscle ache.

- LCD screen to adjust speed

- 6 speeds (1200rpm to 3200rpm)

- 12V 1500mah lithium-ion battery

- 57 decibel sound intensity

Each order comes with a carrying-case, 1 battery and 5 adjustable head pieces.


Due to COVID-19, please allow for 1-3 days for orders to be processed. There will be FREE standard shipping available. Thank you for understanding.


We want to disrupt the market with affordable yet powerful technology to sooth muscle pain and fatigue instantly. We've undercut all of our competition price while outperforming them in therapeutic efficiency.


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Emilie Frank


I have been anticipating this item’s arrival and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed. I was first introduced to this type of massager at a fitness convention, but wasn’t able to get one at the time due to high cost. This massager was a prime day purchase for me. The percussion massager is nicely boxed, comes in a great carrying case, has multiple attachments, and seems simple enough to operate. I am pleasantly surprised that’s it’s also fairly quiet but is still able to give the massage I’m looking for. I’m happy with this purchase.

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Lewis Todd

Athletic Trainer

My wife’s chiropractor has one similar and I laughed at him the first time he mentioned the price ($499) thinking there’s no way a massager is worth that much. Then I came across the incredibly affordable TheraVolt v3! This thing is amazing! I always tension in my shoulder and and back, to the point I have trouble sleeping because I can’t get comfortable. Problem solved. I use this for a few minutes before bed, and it dissolves all the tension built up through the day giving me a great nights sleep. Would definitely recommend!

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Maria Holmes

Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, I was really excited to try out this massager. I've used other expensive massage guns and this one was comparable but affordable. It's easier to handle and gets into tight spots versus the other brands. The only difference is the additional LED screen which makes it easy to change speeds. This massager came with a really nice semi-hard case that holds 4 attachments and the wall charger. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great massager that packs some power!

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